Personalized Remote Healing

Is something creating a feeling of being stuck, or small, or sick? Is there a pattern or habit you just can't seem to break? Is there a darkness or heaviness weighing you down? Let me help you clear your energy! I have been trained in multiple energy healing modalities. My toolbox is open for your benefit.
All you have to do is register and tell me a bit about what's bothering you. I will get a reading of your energy and which tools will be best for you. Then I will put them together in an audio recording, including theta-wave music to further enhance the energies. 
Once you have the recording, you can listen to your healing any time you need it. Each time you listen, the healing will go deeper.

Reach out if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer them.
*Before you register: Make sure you are ready and willing for energy healing to take place, or you won't let it in. You are always in control of your energy field - what comes in and what goes out - so if you are resistant, the healing energy cannot enter your space.

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*By registering for this energy healing session, you are giving me permission to access your soul records for the time of the healing.